• Children in these age groups are mostly curious and always searching for answers to their never-ending questions.

  • Here, we try to satisfy their curiosity and allow them to seek and discover the answers on their own pace, while assisting them throughout the process.

  • Our preschool programme revolves around Montessori, Thematic Approach and National Curriculum syllabus, which offer a more attractive approach to learning.

  • We emphasise on active learning, independence, cooperation, creativity, as well as individuality, in order to shape the children as all-rounder.

  • Our team of early childhood educators will guide the children through play and hands-on experience, while focusing on brushing up their communication and language at the same time.

  • We also encourage individual reading when the children arrive at school first thing in the morning.

  • This is because reading can sharpen their mind and transport them to a whole new world with the use of imagination.

  • Children will also learn through various fun methods including role play, sand play, and early science projects, before stepping into a more serious primary level.

Age: 3 to 6 years old