• Raising a child with tender love and care is the first step in shaping the person he or she will become.

  • Studies have shown that young children benefit from quality and effective daycare, as it pays close attention to routine details and learning in infants and toddlers.

  • Our nursery provides a warm and safe environment with plenty of fun and stimulating toys, where babies can explore with their senses and interact with our childminders who love the “goo goo gaa gaa” of baby language!

  • Talking, singing, making facial expressions, cuddling and playing with each baby are our priorities in infant care, so that the young ones feel loved and secure at all times.

  • We also allocate 30 minutes each day for a baby massage session in order to stimulate growth and soothe your baby.

  • Rest assured that our nursery staff are screened meticulously for that special motherly touch, to ensure young children are more than comfortable around them.

  • As we believe in providing valuable support for families with young children, daily report on the progress of your child will be shared for you to keep tabs on your baby’s milestones.

  • CCTV access is also available as a special service for you to monitor your child via web; from anywhere, at any time.

Age: 3 to 18 months