• Understanding toddlers can be quite testing, more so when they get agitated or upset for no apparent reason.

  • At Baby Kingdom, we take this as a challenge because learning to interpret and attend to every child wants and needs can be rewarding to both parties.

  • In the end, this will help you too as parents to understand your kids better.

  • We know how toddlers enjoy crawling and walking in wide open spaces, therefore we provide spacious, bright and airy area for the playgroup to go about their daily activities.

  • Kids at this age love to sort things and engage in movement tasks like rolling a ball over and over, and love playing with their friends and caregivers.

  • As such, we hire teachers who are qualified and energetic lot, and will ensure each activity is carried with enthusiasm, utmost care and safety. Our staff/children ratio for toddler playgroup will be one teacher to six/eight children.

  • Our play-based curriculum framework with the use of Montessori approach will be introduced at this age group, to ensure a holistic and fulfilling learning experience.

  • The toddlers will also be exposed to outdoor activities, art and craft, baking and waterplay, which are the kind of activities every kid loves.

Age: 18 to 36 months