Our Vision

To be an inspiring partner , providing customised solutions on culture, performance and design for business, societies and individual in the transformation journey.

Our Mission

We work with individuals to achieve higher levels of social and emotional intelligence so they able to excel in their in their careers and personal lives. We also dedicate a portion of our time and resource to make positive social impact to communities via our social initiatives.

Our Value

Pro Passion, Pro Purpose, Pro Innovation , Pro Diversity & Inclusion , Pro Integrity, Pro Collaboration

About Promeritus

We provide best in class consulting, digital and social impact solutions to people, companies, non-gorvernment organizations to engage, enlighten and empower their enterprising abilities to work under employment, be self employed by starting up a business and creating positive impact to people at large children, women, men, special individuals, national service and seniors.

Our Services

1. Organisation Design

In a time of economic turbulence, disruptive technology, globalization, and unprecedentedly fierce competition, the priority concern for many business leaders is to adapt to the changing conditions in order to boost…

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2. Talent Management & Leadership Development

The need for exceptional leadership at all levels coupled with a sound Talent Management model is paramount. Sustainable superior business performance can only be achieved by closely linking leadership and talent development to the value creation….

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3. Organisational Culture & Behaviour

Changing an organisation’s performance impacts the culture and behaviour; i.e , what do the people do: how do they act, interact, and make decisions. The behaviour of our the workforce determines the shift in company performance….

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4. HR Transformation

The Human Resource function is no longer the traditional transactional centre. In recent times, HR is being viewed as a strategic partner to the business requiring HR leaders to possess clarity on their current capabilities…

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4. ProExcel E-Learning Platfrom

We are currently working on ProExcel our digital learning arm which consists of online learning, e-Learning and blended learning. It is one of the types of learning that is facilitated by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology…

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Our Partners

How We Do

This will be done delivering globally recognized people and organizational development programs, profiling and Assesment, digital platforms that drive social innovation, organizational and people consulting and state of the data analytics.

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