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About us

Forget the long queues under the HOT sun for COCONUT WATER.

Introducing PALMS 100% FRESH COCONUT WATER! A fresh and convenient way to enjoy DELICIOUS COCONUT WATER!

With our strong purpose to promote a healthy lifestyle, PALMS does NOT contain any form of preservatives. Well, we know what you're thinking, anyone can say that. Hence, we decided to take it up a notch! Unlike the packet coconut water available in the market, PALMS does not undergo any heating process (Fun Fact: heating not only kills off the nutrients of coconut water, but the taste as well. No wonder they always taste different...huh...)! No kidding, PALMS is as fresh as it can get!

Once you've taste the FRESHNESS! You will never settle for less!

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What's a PALMILY you asked? Well, only the coolest community ever!

As part of the PALMILY, you`ll be able to subscribe with us and we will send your bottles of PALMS to your doorstep every week! Not only that, we'll keep you updated on our latest promotion and rewards! Sometimes, we might even throw in gifts or LIMITED EDITION merchandises exclusively for you beautiful people!

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Why Palms?

Our vision is to become the leading online platform in providing massive value (YES, MASSIVE) through healthy beverage products conveniently to our customer in support of a healthy lifestyle. And what better way to do so, than some 100% FRESH COCONUT WATER!

With the goal to further add VALUE (again, MASSIVE!) into people's life, PALMS will be delivered to our customers weekly to help #BeatTheThirst under the hot sun without having to leave the doorstep.

YES,THAT'S RIGHT! Not only are you able to order PALMS straight from home, but we'll deliver to your doorstep EVERY WEEK! See, told you, MASSIVE VALUE!

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