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The beauty of the Sahara

The wildness of the Sahara blesses the plants it harbours, forcing them to adapt, evolve and thrive by creating life and energy such as the gift which is the Moroccan Tree of Life- the Argan tree, and other wonders.
Developed by a true-born Moroccan who is now based in Asia, Maha Bouhaous, LaDune offers Moroccan skincare products containing Moroccan therapeutic botanicals and ingredients formulated to bring out the best in you. This is how her story began...

Ladune Pure Virgin Argan Oil

Pure Virgin Argan Oil traditionally Hand Crushed and Cold Pressed from the South of Morocco. These drops of gold defy time, providing age retarding and anti-inflammatory properties for every skin type. With regenerative nourishment promoting skin rejuvenation, and scientifically proven complexion improvement, Ladune Pure Virgin Argan Oil will bestow an unstoppable healthy glow for every part of you – head to toe.

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Our argan oil is certified