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ABBO 5 Most Services

1. Most diligently

One by one wedding secretary

No experience, no time, afraid of forgetting, any question and so on, don’t worry any more! One-by-one wedding secretary will help you to details far more than the marriage companies.

2. Most intimately

credit card installment with no burden

Easy payment by credit card installment and perfect wedding planning with no pressure. More offering while following services by stage.

3. Peace of mind

Mediation, compensation, performance

Pioneered wedding insurance to compensate for those loss including photo file lost, modeling allergy, contract dispute, vendor bankruptcy etc.

4. Most Happily

Enjoying money saving with great happiness

ABBO dedicated program with special offering for you only.

5. Most reassuring

Collected extra high quality wedding vendors

Collecting vendors by evaluation system including works, valuations, due diligent to offer you best services

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What everybody says about ABBO

Lillian Wang

Each marriage is unique, would you want to get a perfect marriage but not too much pressure from huge payment? Now, ABBO gives you a perfect marriage with special offering by credit card installment, Don't let regrets never happen.

Julia Chen

Would you worry about contract dispute when wedding process? Don’t worry any more! ABBO’s performance guarantee and wedding insurance to ensure each detail well to give you a wonderful experience on wedding process.

Anna Chen

Marriage budget is important to anyone, we believe smart like you are care about budget saving properly, ABBO offers you special offerings much better than other wedding platform to save your money, that’s awesome, right? You care, ABBO cares, too.

Hebe Lin

My friends ever met troubles by poor wedding services, I also worry about same situation when wedding. ABBO reassures me by selected qualified vendors to avoid possibilities of these troubles. How a wonderful and hob-and-nob service ABBO offers.

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ABBO Wedding planning inspiration

The 21st century now, living more and more busy, with the other half ready to get married, petty bourgeoisie men began to search the Internet, surprised to find that the search volume up to more than 400 million pen, light every page to open a long time For some time, even more on the yo to find the best quality business.

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